Hauls and Outfit of The Day

Look at this beauty I got at the thrift store today!!! I’m going to do a more in depth haul later but I couldn’t wait to share this now!!!
First OOTD!
Jean Jacket: Thrifted
Black Shirt: JCPenny
Camo Jeans: Target
Wedge booties: Target

Just went shopping at TJ Maxx which has gotten a lot of new clothing that I really love recently. So i just wanted to share some of my favorites. I recommend checking out your local TJ Maxx because they have some great stuff at really good prices.

I actually got all of this awhile go at my favorite thrift store but I left it all at my house so I didn’t have it with me at my dorm to take pictures of. They’re just some jewelry boxes and tins and things that I bought for my house next year.

The first picture is of this gorgeous wooden jewelry box. It has a really pretty light pink lining on the inside. I’ll probably put my necklaces and bracelets in it.

The next two are just some tins that I love. I might use them for hair ties and bobby pins and other little odds and ends for my hair.

The next one is a really pretty gold jewelry box. I’m going to put all of my rings in this one. The top is clear so It’ll be really great for displaying them.

The first on the bottom is a gold metal container with little cut out details all around it. I’m going to use this one to put cotton balls and swabs in.

The last on is a pretty flowery box. I have no idea what this is going to be for but i thought it was really pretty so I grabbed it and I’ll figure out what it’s going to be for later.

Along with the haul I posted before I also got some head scarves which I am obsessed with. I have a ridiculous amount and am always adding to my collection.
1. The first scarf is a navy color with little red yellow and green sail boats.
2. The second is also navy in color with red and white daisies (which are my favorite flower)
3. The third is purple-blue with light blue little squares and yellow light blue and green bigger squares. Its lined by white, light blue, yellow, another white, and green stripes.
4. Im not sure what I am going to do with the last two because they are both too small to tie up in my hair like I normally do. One of them is black with white polca-dots and the other is navy (I think I’m sensing a pattern) with little pac man looking white polca-dots and white and blue stripes lining it.
I got all of these at my favorite thrift store.

I just took a recent trip to my favorite thrift store because they were having a 50% off Martin Luther King day sale. Everything in this post and a couple of other things like scarves and some knick knacks only totaled $10. So I strongly recommend checking out your local thrift stores because you can find some AMAZING deals. I think if you click on the picture you can see a little more of my description and better detail. So enjoy :)

I love fashion and I LOVE shopping so I’m going to post on here things that I buy and outfits of the day I’m particularly happy with. So Enjoy!